We invited Abigail Koffler, who writes This Needs Hot Sauce, to host a workshop about how she built her subscriber list without a big social media following.
We invited Erin Moon, author of The Swipe Up, to host a workshop about how she got to know her subscribers and built a community around her newsletter.
We sat down with Yanely Espinal, a personal finance expert, to answer common tax and finance questions from independent writers.
Our friends at On Deck just announced their new Writer Fellowship (ODW) to help writers develop their skills. Substack is a sponsor of the program and …
Tell us! What are your writing goals?When it comes to writing, what's one thing you want to get better at? (Bonus: respond to someone else's comment with advice.)
We invited Jarrett Carter Sr., author of HBCU Digest, to share how he thinks about writing for a niche audience. Read on for Jarrett’s insights.
We invited Scott Hines, author of Action Cookbook, to host a workshop on how he successfully grew his email list on Substack in less than a year. Scott…
We invited Lenny Rachitsky, creator of Lenny's Newsletter, to host a workshop on how to launch a paid newsletter. Read on for Lenny’s learnings around …
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